Independent OBGYN care that empowers women.

Our physician-owned practice means we make decisions based on what’s best for our patients—and we make those decisions with, not for, the women who come to us.

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Our focus on patients includes:

  • A high percentage of procedures done through laparoscopic surgery, meaning a single incision that avoids an overnight hospital stay
  • Our focused approach which zeroes in on any problems, then identifies the best range of solutions
  • Consistent annual care that tracks health maintenance and stage-of-life information including vaccines, pap screenings, bone density and mental health checks

I have an unwavering commitment to advocating for my patients’ physical, emotional, and psychological well-being through education and conversation.

– Samantha Witta, MD

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Recommended Resources

We’re always here to answer your questions. We also have pulled together our favorite resources for patients, filled with helpful information and insight.



Common Questions

If you have had a long scheduled annual exam, please do not feel you need to reschedule because your period surprises you that morning. There are a couple things to consider, however. If you are having a pelvic ultrasound, we often try to avoid seeing you during your menses because we may not get ideal views of the inside of your uterus. The exception is when we ask patients to come in for a baseline fertility ultrasound on day 3. The other consideration is, if you are due for a cervical Pap smear, the specimen may be inconclusive if you’re experiencing exceptionally heavy flow.

Please contact your pharmacy for a refill of your medication. If there are no refills available, call the clinic to see when you need to schedule an annual exam or follow-up visit.

LEEP or Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure is an in office treatment for some cases of cervical dysplasia. Cervical dysplasia is also referred to as intraepithelial neoplasia and is a pre-cancerous condition of the cervix. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia where a small piece of the cervix containing the dysplasia is removed. It is a quick procedure that is well tolerated with minor discomfort.

Colposcopy is an in-office minor procedure to examine the cervix under a microscope called a colposcope. This procedure is performed for certain abnormalities found at Pap smear. It allows visualization and directed small biopsies which provide diagnosis of cervical conditions including HPV, cervical dysplasia (pre-cancer) and rarely cervical cancer. Results from this procedure will determine what, if any, follow up paps or treatments are needed.

It is recommended that pap smears begin at age 21 years of age. However, an annual exam with a gynecologist offers much more than a routine pap smear, and we welcome you to initiate your care with us at any age. Reasons you may want to schedule your first appointment to see us may include contraceptive (birth control) counseling, screening for sexually transmitted infections, management of heavy or irregular menstrual bleeding or even for routine health care maintenance.

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