What we do isn't really about us.
It's about you.

Every woman deserves personalized care from an OBGYN provider she trusts.

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Patient satisfaction

“Over the years, OGS has made me feel like I am not just a patient with a chart, but someone they genuinely care for.”

-- Patient

Care from an independent, physician-owned practice

Our services are focused on making your overall life better.

Pregnancy Care

Care that’s centered on the exact moment you are at in your journey.

Fertility Care

Understanding the whys, and planning the right path forward for you.


Our practice is rooted on a deep commitment to women’s health.


Technology fine-tuned to better procedures, recovery, and long-term results.

Preventive Care

A whole-person approach for ongoing wellness at every stage in life.

Laser Therapies

We use laser technology to help women in new, life-changing ways.

Weight Maintenance

Programs and support that create holistic wellness.


In-office ultrasound capabilities means quicker answers and true peace of mind.

Pelvic Health

Customized treatment plans for pelvic health conditions.

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Guidance with the latest research. Care with the newest innovations.

Our practice has a legacy in advancing health care, fully versed in and even inventing new ways to improve women’s lives.

Here for you

We are honored when patients choose us for their care. And we want to offer help in every way possible.

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Patient-driven, from the start

We believe in the power of one-to-one relationships with women, and are committed to care that’s simple, personal and accessible.

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