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About Us

We are accomplished, compassionate caregivers in an independent, physician-owned practice.

A history of doing things differently—and better

OBGYN Specialists was founded by Dr. Stephen Larson, who combined exceptional surgical skills with a strong sense of duty to the community.

As a physician-owned practice, we are free to pursue goals that we set with a patient’s best interests in mind, rather than meeting financial objectives.

As a mission-driven organization, we are beholden to a promise that we will work toward better healthcare practices, life-improving procedures and stronger communities.

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Our community commitment

We’re doctors and fixers, inventors and teachers. And the way we practice medicine goes far beyond our clinic doors.

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Advancing care through advocacy

It’s a non-negotiable: every MD in our practice participates in hospital committees. That means we’re there, in-person, when patient care is being discussed and important decisions are being made, acting as advocates for all of our patients.

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Philanthropy that makes a true difference

Our sponsorship of the annual 5K Daisy Dash is just one way we boost efforts to support mental health during & after pregnancy.

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Diversity and equity

We work to foster safe, equitable and accessible health care for all, and commit to creating a safe, welcoming environment. This includes acknowledging and confronting inequities in the care system.

The best care I can give my patients is to really listen to their concerns, help them understand what’s happening in their bodies, and then explain all the options available to them so that, ultimately, they are in control of their health care choices.

– Suzin Cho, MD