Stephanie’s Journey – The Vagina Laser (pt 3)

Visit Part 1 and Part 2 of this journey to get up to speed.

In summary:

I’m a 40 year-old estrogen positive breast cancer thriver with no uterus and no ovaries navigating menopause with my OBGYN, a vagina enthusiast.

Back to vaginal tissue.

Dr. Cho went on to explain my forthcoming reality.

Local estrogen creams are prescribed to menopausal patients– of which I am not a candidate.

There are non-estrogen creams available to add moisture and treat dryness. However, these moisturizers won’t completely restore the health of the vaginal tissue.

I shuddered as Dr. Cho used the metaphor of horribly chapped lips. Covered in Vaseline. Unable to heal.

And, as we have covered in the previous posts, neglected vaginal tissue can lead to painful intercourse, urinary distress, and potential prolapse.

I reviewed the details in my head. Vaginal tissue is key.

  • Estrogen cream is good, but not for me.
  • Non-estrogen cream is…meh.

I was really hoping Goldilocks had a 3rd choice.

“Vaginal Rejuvenation.”

As she said it, I imagined sleazy strip-mall clinic offering a two-for-one on caffeine enemas. Maybe they advertise on a graffiti covered bus bench. My face was frozen in a shape somewhere between aversion and disgust.

Dr. Cho noticed my apprehensions. “Hear me out. The process is done with a laser…”

My frozen disgusted mouth opened agape as I muttered, “Uh… a vagina laser?”

She handed me a pamphlet.

I saw happy women. Practicing yoga and smiling up at me from the glossy trifold. Many of them, although unusally fit, looked old enough to be my mother.

We sat there in silence for a beat. Until I mustered up the courage to say, “And this is for women… in my generation?”

Dr. Cho went on to describe that while advertising budgets are spent on women wanting to improve vaginal tissue, she believes women in my situation should also see a benefit in maintaining the health of their vaginal tissue.

Dr. Cho described a healthcare utopia where every breast cancer patient would receive this treatment. Preventatively. She described a system of pro-active vaginal tissue treatment.

There was part of me too that could see this world. Where women’s health is valued. Vaginal tissue held in esteem. I was warming up to the idea.

My disgusted mouth had now completely transformed into an intrigued eyebrow. I was ready to hear more… about the vagina laser.