Focused on the right surgical choice. Including not doing surgery.

Our team includes pioneers who have created procedures that protect our patients and improve surgical outcomes. And even though we’ve conducted thousands of successful procedures, we give each surgery careful consideration, weighing timing, necessity and alternative paths with our patients.

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Our focus on patients includes:

  • A high percentage of laparoscopic surgeries, meaning a single incision that avoids an overnight hospital stay
  • Dr. Anthony Shibley developed the innovative PneumoLiner, the first FDA-approved tissue containment system which protects patients during hysterectomies and myomectomies. This major innovation is now the global standard for certain minimally invasive procedures.

We perform many of our surgeries through a single, dime-sized incision. These minimally invasive techniques make surgery safer and shortens recovery time. This allows patients, even those undergoing hysterectomy, to be discharged the same day.

– K. Anthony Shibley, MD

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Recommended Resources

We’re always here to answer your questions. We also have pulled together our favorite resources for patients, filled with helpful information and insight.


Common Questions

Single site surgery minimally invasive surgery has several benefits including: A single small incision (instead of 3–5 incisions) that is concealed in the belly button; less post-operative pain; shorter recovery; fewer complications. In a university study it was the most preferred of all abdominal incisions by patients.

Surgery at the ASC has the advantage of being a location reserved for outpatient surgeries. This is a lower-stress environment than the hospital that is more efficient and convenient. ASC procedures are generally lower cost for the patients and insurers than the same procedure performed in a hospital. Because severely ill or infectious patients are usually operated on in hospitals, the ASC provides a safe environment for common surgical procedures.

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