Obstetrical / Maternity Services Billing

Billing for pregnancy at our office is set up as a "global obstetrical package". Several items are included in this package, but many services are not. Your insurance coverage as well as your deductible and co-insurance will all play a part in your out of pocket costs for prenatal care.

The global package includes routine prenatal visits (7-13), urinalysis, vaginal delivery, and post-partum hospital and office visits. The visits that are not included in the global OB package are, but are not limited to, the procedures listed below.

These procedures are NOT included in global obstetrical package:

  • Initial physician office visit

  • Hospitalization prior to delivery

  • Ultrasound services

  • Laboratory services (urine cultures and bloodwork)

  • Pap smear

  • Non-stress test (NST)

  • Non-obstetrical office visits

  • Gestational glucose testing

  • RhoGam

  • Cesarean section

  • Cord blood collection

  • Genetic testing

You will receive a separate billing statement for any of the above services. Please pay these charges within 30 days of receiving the statement. If you have any questions regarding coverage for additional services or hospitalization, please contact your insurance company directly.

If you do not have health insurance, we ask that you pay the global fee and any additional charges in full by your eighth month. We will be happy to bill you in monthly installments for this amount.

You or one of your family members is responsible for notifying your insurance company at the time of your admission to the hospital.

We hope this information will help you prepare and plan for your obstetrical care with our clinic. Please remember that we are here to assist you in any way possible.

Thank you for choosing us to provide your care. If you have billing questions, please call us at 952.567.7050.