Spider Vein (Telangiectasias)
Laser Treatments

Don't let spider veins and Telangiectasias ruin your fun or diminish your confidence.

Improve Tone & Color

Remove Vascular Lesions

Reduce Discoloration

Spider Veins Lifestyle

How ClearV Laser Works

ClearV lasers illuminate and target both the visible imperfections and subsurface feeder veins for a more comprehensive and longer lasting spider vein removal.

Treatment Areas
Face and body


Removes broken capillaries
Reduces spider veins
Treats Telangiectasias
Eliminates facial veins


Post Effects & Care
Redness and swelling around treated areas
Sunburn sensation and slight soreness
A bruised look that fades
Avoid direct sun exposure

For Desired Results
2–4 weeks
Some patients achieve desired results with one treatment


Target bothersome, visible spider veins.

Genetics, age, sun, hormones, injury, and obesity can cause skin discolorations and vascular lesions. What was once treated by painful injections or surgeries, can now be achieved through ClearV laser treatments performed by medical professionals.

What patients say about our ClearV Laser Treatments

"I saw Kelly for laser treatment on some persistent spider veins on my legs that I had for years which previously did not respond to traditional spider vein treatment. Within 3 weeks of the procedure I saw a remarkable difference in the darkness of many of the veins. They have lightened up significantly! Kelly was kind and professional. She took the time to explain the process in detail, indicating what I might feel during the procedure, answering questions and reviewing the aftercare plan. I would highly recommend this service to anyone seeking a solution to treating unsightly spider veins!"


"I waited to write in until the right amount of time had passed. Now I’m pleased to say the back of my knee looks significantly better after two treatments. Thank you Kelly!"



Dr. Suzin Cho, MD

Certified OBGYN & AIUM Accredited. OB/GYN department chair at Fairview Ridges Hospital. Travel, family, and dogs drive her to good health.


Kelly Lake, RN

Certified Nurse Injector. Member of the American Society of Laser Medicine & Surgery. Reading, great food, and family drive her to good health.

Meet Your Spider Vein and Telangiectasias Laser Specialists

Spider Vein Removal in 3 Simple Steps


Step 1: Consultation

Schedule a free consultation with our medical laser team to develop a personalized spider vein and Telangiectasias treatment plan.


Step 2: Treatment

Experience safe and effective ClearV laser procedures that are overseen by medical professionals. Visits typically last a half hour with no downtime.


Step 3: Results

Enjoy increasingly clearer skin over time with follow-up treatments.

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