Ultrasounds right under our roof, for all the right reasons.

We offer diagnostic and pregnancy ultrasounds down the hall from our practitioners so that your entire team has immediate access and full understanding of your scans.

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Our focus on patients includes:

  • Quicker, easier scheduling of ultrasound appointments at the same location
  • In-person collaboration between your OBGYN, radiologist and nurse, so there’s no miscommunication or missed information
  • Highly skilled ultrasound technicians that are an integrated part of your care team

With a team of experienced and compassionate sonographers wielding the highest-quality technology, we have one of the best ultrasound departments in the Twin Cities. We are proud to be accredited by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine, a distinguished recognition awarded to facilities which demonstrate quality, safety, and extensive training.”

– Leslie Jensen, Sonographer Supervisor


Common Questions

A full bladder is not required for ultrasounds. In advance to all ultrasound assisted procedures, you will always be asked to leave a urine sample prior to the ultrasound.

AIUM Practice Accreditation demonstrates to our community, our patients and our staff that our practice is committed to providing the best possible patient care when it comes to medical ultrasounds.

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