Vaginal Rejuvenation
with DiVa Laser Treatment

Restore intimate wellness and vaginal health

Relieve Discomfort

Enhance Intimacy

Increase Lubrication

Stop Leakage

You no longer need to live with painful sex, dryness, and discomfort.

Hormones, menopause, and life impact vaginal health in ways
that interrupt the joys and pleasures of living. Today, what was once untreatable (and certainly not discussed) has a non-surgical laser solution that is safe, comfortable, and quick.

How Our DiVa Laser Works

DiVa lasers stimulate collagen and cell growth, improving the health and elasticity of vaginal tissues with little downtime, minimal discomfort, and long lasting results.

Treatment Areas


Improved lubrication
Improved intimacy
Decreased stress incontinence


Post Effects & Care
Pinprick bleeding for a few hours.
 Avoid hot tubs, baths, and sexual activity for 3 days.

For Desired Results
Three treatments 4-6 weeks apart

What women say about our DiVa Laser Treatment

"During my routine gynecological exam at OBGYN Specialists, I mentioned to my gynecologist that I was struggling with loss of libido and loss of sensitivity in orgasm. I really didn’t know if it was something she could help me address, as I am 62 years old, post-menopausal, and was attributing it to the aging process.


She gave me a brochure on diVa, a laser treatment that could improve these areas and recommended it. After just my first laser treatment of the 3-laser package, both my husband and I noticed a difference! Not only has my sensitivity increased—it is continuing to increase! And my libido is returning! I have had three big babies, all vaginal deliveries, and after only the first treatment, my husband can feel a tightening of my vagina!


BEST money we’ve ever spent! I plan to continue with yearly 'touch ups!' We highly recommend it!"



Dr. Suzin Cho, MD

Certified OBGYN & AIUM Accredited. OB/GYN department chair at Fairview Ridges Hospital. Travel, family, and dogs drive her to good health.

Vaginal Rejuvenation made simple in 3 steps


Step 1: Consultation

Schedule a personalized consultation with our expert team.


Step 2: Treatment

Experience the quick DiVa laser procedure with minimal discomfort.


Step 3: Results

Enjoy the long-lasting benefits of improved intimate wellness and vaginal health.

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